Repeat With Me: I AM SUCCESS Every Moment!

“Live to create and construct, not deteriorate and destruct.”

About Edward F. T. Charfauros

"I assist individuals in surpassing their most intimidating challenges to accomplish their goals, achieve their dreams, and establish long-term inner motivation. By providing an empowering and comprehensive self-management program for both mental and physical sustainability." Author of upcoming "best selling" book: "Repeat With Me: I AM SUCCESS (Inspiring, Aspiring, and Motivating Success) Every Moment!" Purpose: "Positively affect as many lives as possible!" Vision: "A Moral Quest for Worldwide Change in Human Interaction" PERSONAL MISSION STATEMENT -> To continue inspiring, aspiring, and motivating success beyond myself while living a continual enriching lifestyle. -> To continue positively empowering myself toward financial independence while assisting as many lives as possible for the same. -> To continue promoting health, wellness, and nutrition for desirable outcomes with others while enjoying my journey through every endeavor. INTERESTS: ~> I assist men and women who desire to improve their energy and want to do more of what they enjoy! ~> I assist sick and dying individuals who desire to become healthier and want to do more with their life! ~> I assist parents who desire to provide healthier choices and want to raise healthier children! Thanks for reviewing my profile. -Edward Charfauros

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